In the middle of the current hurricane craziness, it’s easy to forget that today is 9/11. While that date was once on top of everyone’s mind, it seems to have faded like those painful memories we’d rather forget.

At current site of World Trade Center (photo: strecosa via Pixabay)

Sure, we each have some kind of memories of where we were / what we were doing that day. It’s like how we remember dates like when President Reagan was shot, or when the Challenger blew up.

Even if we didn’t lose a loved one or someone we simply knew in the World Trade Center or on one of those hijacked flights, we would rather forget this tragic day.

But here’s why it’s worth remembering now more than ever..

At Ground Zero of World Trade Center (photo: strecosa via Pixabay)

United We Stand..

So much has happened since 9/11. A lot of is “good.” We have Facebook and the rise of social media. There are now smart phones, and we have internet nearly everywhere.

We’re more connected than ever. Yet, there is also so much tearing us apart.

Left coast vs. conservatives. Trump followers vs. liberals. These may each come from a place of real issues. But there’s also a sense that the media is stirring things up.

Divided We Fall..

While we need to address these issues, there’s a huge difference between healthy debate and divisiveness. We are either working together for a greater purpose, or simply wanting to win at all costs.

Our country came together on 9/11. For a brief time we forgot our differences and remembered that we’re here to take care of each other.

It’s a shame that it took a disaster to remind us of this. What would happen if we remembered this simple lesson without losing so many lives?