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Nuts and Seeds – Paleo Snack Ideas Pt 1

While nuts and seeds can be tasty and convenient paleo snack ideas, what are the trade-offs? Of course, folks with allergies or digestive problems related to consuming nuts are a non-starter. But even without these health issues, there are still a few things to consider such as phytic acid and fat content.
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Paleo Snack Ideas

Paleo diets have become all the rage. No matter where you stand on this, you may want to try these paleo snack ideas. This can be a way to ease yourself into eating like a caveman.   First, here’s my main criteria: Tasty – if I don’t like how it tastes, I
health, lifestyle, veterans

Thriving Veterans Getting Started

What does it mean to be a thriving veteran? To me it’s not just about financial or career success. Sure, health is also important, of course. But to really thrive.. is to live a life that is fulfilling.. with relationships that are meaningful.. and serving a greater purpose the way we did